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air jordan retro information synonym
air jordan retro information synonym
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When you’re using an app to create a symmetrical image, there are a few things to look out for which may cause problems in the final image.

If clouds in the sky aren’t horizontal, they’ll make unnatural shapes when they meet in the middle. The same thing happens with waves in water, rocks, trees and just about anyother objectsyou can think of.

Here’s an example of problem areas to look out for when using apps like Sparkmode to create your symmetrical images. The angled clouds coming together look unnatural and the rocks being squished together make some weird shapes.

This is an example of finding the right point to mirror the image in the Sparkmode app. If I were to slide the original image to the left or right a little bit, the tree at the top of the island would have two tops and look unnatural. I had to find the sweet spot where it looked like a normal tree.

Another issues that may arise when creating a symmetrical image in an app is problems with shadows. The shadows in the image above are not all falling in the same direction which doesn’t make sense to our eye.

When creating symmetrical images using apps, be mindful of everything around your lines of symmetry and watch out for unnatural or strange shapes being caused by the mirrored objects.

One final point… Try not to get stuck only seeing the world in symmetry or you’ll miss out on other photo opportunities.

After you take a photo with your symmetrical composition, be sure to move around and take a few asymmetrical shots as well. This will add variety to your photos and show your subject or scene from different viewpoints.

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395 + 215 - ? = 310

610 - ? = 310

? = 300 (Option 4)

Q.3) What will come at place of a: (128 ÷ 16 x a – 7*2)/(7 2 -8*6+a 2 ) = 1

Solution: Using the BODMAS rule

(8*a – 14)/(49-48+a 2 ) = 1

(8*a – 14)/(1 + a 2 ) = 1

8a – 14 = 1 + a 2

a 2 – 8a + 15 = 0

a=3 or 5 (Option 2)

Q.4) What will come at place of ?: 85.147 + 34.192*6.2 + ? = 802.293

85 + 35*6 + ? = 803

85 + 210 + ? = 803

295 + ? = 803

? = 508 [approx. = 500] (Option 5)

Q.5) What will come at place of ?: (3/8 of 168)*15 ÷ 5 + ? = 549 ÷ 9 + 235

(3*168÷8)*15 ÷ 5 + ? = 549 ÷ 9 + 235

(504÷8)*3 + ? = 61 + 235

63*3 + ? = 296

189 + ? = 296

? = 107 (Option 2)

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The Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation is an independent assessment ofwhether collective results achieved in response to an emergency meet the objectives stated in the Strategic Response Plan and the needs of affected people. IAHEs are triggered automatically by the declaration of a Level-3 system-wide emergency and are conducted within 9 to 12 months from the L3 declaration. The Emergency Relief Coordinator may also launch an IAHE of a sudden-onset emergency affecting multiple sectors or at the specific request of a Humanitarian Coordinator/Humanitarian Country Team or other primary stakeholders.

IAHEs address the following core questions:

The Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations follow agreed norms and standards and emphasize independence of the evaluation team, process and methodology, usefulness, and transparency. The Terms of Reference, the final Evaluation Report, and responses to the recommendations by the HCT and IASC Principals are shared publicly and posted on IASC, OCHA and ALNAP’s websites.


For additional information on the IAHEs, please view the IAHE Guidelines .


For a comprehensive overview of IAHEs, please view the IAHE Flyer .

Recommendations Database

For additional information on the recommendations and their status, please view the grey nike air max 1 essential blue

More than 70,000 people have fled CAR to Chad since the intensification of violence in December; there are 62,000 refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); 28,000 have arrived in recent weeks in Cameroon and 12,000 have sought refuge in the Republic of the Congo. Since December 2013, the exodus from CAR into fragile and food-insecure areas has intensified, creating new strains on local people.

An assessment team consisting of WFP, IOM, ANDMA Afghan-Aid and district has conducted assessment on 08 July-015. 72 houses completely destroyed and 38 houses partially damaged. 50 km irrigation canal damaged and 500 Jerib agriculture land have been damaged.

On 24 February 2016, Makereta Nasiki, 13, sits in her room, showing damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Winston in the town of Ba on Viti Levu Island of Fiji.

Guinea - Many years of hosting refugees fleeing conflict in neighbouring Liberia and Sierra Leone had a significant impact on communities in the eastern region of Guinea. This UNTFHS funded project implemented by UNIDO (June 2005 – June 2011) contributed to reducing tensions between refugees and host communities by restoring destroyed social infrastructure and rehabilitating the productive capacities of refugees, returnees, and IDP’s.

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