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NGSIv2 implements a pagination mechanism (which by the way is very similar to the one implemented in NGSIv1) in order to help clients to retrieve large sets of resources. This mechanism works for all listing operations in the API (e.g. GET /v2/entities , GET /v2/subscriptions , POST /v2/op/query , etc.).

The mechanism is based on three URI parameters:

limit , in order to specify the maximum number of elements (default is 20, maximun allowed is 1000).


offset , in order to skip a given number of elements at the beginning (default is 0)


count (as option ), if activated then a Fiware-Total-Count header is added to the response, with a count of total elements.


By default, results are returned ordered by increasing creation time. In the case of entities query, this can be changed with the orderBy URL parameter .

Let's illustrate with an example: a given client cannot process more than 100 results in a single response and the query includes a total of 322 results. The client could do the following (only the URL is included, for the sake of completeness).

Note that if the request uses an offset beyond the total number of results, an empty list is returned, as shown below:

In order to help clients organize query and discovery requests with a large number of responses (for example, think of how costly could be returning a query matching 1,000,000 results in a single HTTP response to a queryContext request), queryContext (and price of nike air max 97 release
) and discoverContextAvailability (and air jordan low 13 bred leather
) allow pagination. The mechanism is based on three URI parameters:

limit , in order to specify the maximum number of entities or context registrations (for queryContext and discoverContextAvailability respectively) (default is 20, maximun allowed is 1000).

details (allowed values are “on” and “off”, default is “off”), in order to get a global errorCode for the response including a count of total elements (in the case of using “on”). Note that using details set to “on” slightly breaks NGSI standard, which states that global errorCode must be used only in the case of general error with the request. However, we think it is very useful for a client to know in advance how many results in total the query has (and if you want to keep strict with NGSI, you can simply ignore the details parameter :)

Marketing Technology Management

As we've been slaving working away on the new 2018 edition of the Marketing Technology Landscape ("Martech 5000") graphic — and that's not the editorial "we," but indeed a whole team of obsessively-compulsive martech lunatics dedicated industry advocates — it suddenly occurred to me this morning that we've been selfishly hoarding the fun. Seriously, you've not lived until you've tried to squeeze 5,000-some-odd logos on to a single PowerPoint slide. It's an epic Zen exercise that's guaranteed pink nike blazers with glitter tick

As the world’s largest, vendor-agnostic marketing technology conference, MarTech gives you real-world insights into the good, the bad, and even the ugly of procuring, implementing, and operating marketing technology solutions. Our 2-day program delivers candid, in-depth, and unbiased content that you won’t get anywhere else. MarTech is designed specifically for marketing operations executives who are […]

Here’s another fun entry into The Stackies 2018: Marketing Tech Stack Awards that I thought I’d share from Alert Logic, a leading provider of information security solutions. There are four reasons why I wanted to call this one out: A great marketing stack illustration doesn’t necessarily need to invent a whole new way of organizing […]

Yesterday, Mulesoft announced it was being acquired by Salesforce for $6.5 billion. That’s a pretty hefty premium — a 21.6X multiple — given that the company had less than $300 million in revenue for 2017. That’s a strategic bet. So what’s the strategy? Although I’ve sworn off the game of making predictions, I do feel […]

I can’t resist sharing another entry to The Stackies 2018: Marketing Tech Stack Awards, this one from global networking technology leader Juniper Networks. This clean and elegant design organizes their marketing and sales technologies according to the six clusters of the Martech 5000 marketing technology landscape — Relationships Social, Content Experience, Data, Management, […]

The following is a guest post by Danielle Sauvé, marketing director for the product identification platform for Danaher and editor of We talk about digitizing everything, but if you’re a marketer at a consumer goods company, you know there is a divide between digital marketing channels and product packaging. As evidence of this divide, […]

For martech careers, there is a lot of really good news. But one thing that isn’t. First, thank you to the 884 professionals who participated in our 2018 Marketing Technology Operations Salary Survey, a collaboration between myself and the team at MarTech Today. For our analysis, we filtered it down to only the n=432 […]

Fulcrum Tech


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Categories: Email and web analytics , Email campaign strategy , List building and segmentation

The evidence is overwhelming – email list segmentation is a best practice that can dramatically improve email-campaign results. In a previous NewsLever feature , we gave 5 tips for segmenting email lists to help boost return on investment. Here we expand on that advice with 5 more ways to segment your email lists.

By dividing your email list into different subgroups, you can send more targeted emails that maximize the relevance of your marketing message for each subscriber. At FulcrumTech, we’ve seen firsthand how implementing an email segmentation strategy can significantly improve our clients’ open, click-through, and conversion rates.

The positive results of email segmentation were also clearly evident in the Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report , which showed 69% of the survey respondents segmented their email lists. Of this group of email marketers:

In addition to geography, purchase history, demographics, prospects versus clients, and behavioral data — segments we discussed in our previous air jordan defining moments pack 6/11
— the following are five highly effective email segmentation methods:

Segment by engagement.

Segmenting by engagement also can help you identify your most active subscribers and likely your best customers. By designing special email offers and promotions for this group, you’ll nurture them and help keep their interest high.

Segment by persona. Segment by where customers shop. Segment by website behavior. Segment cart and form abandoners.

Are you effectively segmenting your email list? Do you tailor your email content and offers to best meet the needs of each of the different segments? The email- marketing experts at FulcrumTech can help your organization optimize the relevancy of your emails and maximize your email campaign results. Email us or give us a call at 215-489-9336 and get started today!

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The free app that gives 70,000+ healthcare professionals a month the information they need to work in any hospital.

Location-based Extensions

A single place for all the numbers and bleeps that you need to connect with healthcare professionals working in your hospital.

Private Information

You can store private codes and numbers in the app. These are held locally on the app and are never shared.

Healthcare Professionals can Contribute

Induction is a truly 'crowdsourced' platform. Anyone can contribute to, and benefit from, the data for their hospital.


Data security is important, and we have it covered. No patient information is ever stored in Induction and everything is encrypted.

FAQ Database Control

View and contribute to common tips/tricks for your hospital e.g. how do I bleep?

A platform that allows hospital administrators to manage, and contribute to all the data stored in Induction. Also allows upload and delivery of hospital guidelines.


We have over 250,000 hospital extensions and pager numbers maintained by on the ground users

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It's a fab invention I love it use often - crowd sourced info so much more likely to be accurate #induction app

Wow! One of our nurses has just shown me the #Induction App. At last can find Bleep Extension numbers in a few seconds nike air max orange mens

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New hospital for first time in four years, nike free run 30 40 50
has been invaluable! Great work @PodmedicsEd

Just discovered @theinductionapp , @colin_surgeon ?

I use @theinductionapp almost everyday at work. Switchboard are great, but they sometimes take awhile to answer the phone.

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